Scratching tiles

I work for a cabinet company, and today I was doing a replacement for a lady that somehow got the producer of the countertops to give her a free replacement. This lady was to say the least, crazy. It all started with her saying that there was something wrong with her counter. She said every morning when she walked in her kitchen, she could see a spot in the middle of the countertop. It was less than a mm x mm wide. I’m talking about, nothing, the size of a blackhead. Well I called the rep he came down drilled it out filled it in, and it was gone, PERFECT! and I don’t know what it is, but retirees are the best and worst customers, best because they have the money, and worst because they have time to sit and stare at a little dot and transform it into the grand canyon in their heads. They are pretty bored I guess. I hope I’m not like this when I grow old.


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