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I’ve been running fairly consistently for a couple of months now, I think I started in February, let me check my phone, ok, end of January.  I usually take a day or two in between runs, and on some occasion, about three or four days.  I never really felt I had a good run, until today, I just felt pretty good, my breathing was good, my pace was good, my steps, and stride were good. My shins didn’t hurt afterward. My goal is to run every other day. I’m going to do all I can to do it. I think I can get to a very good weight if I do. I don’t particularly want a strict diet. As result show, I may change my mind. But for now, just adding fruits and vegetables into my diet will do. I love eating McDonalds so I won’t stop that. I don’t go everyday, but I find myself stopping in about once a week.  my pace was about 12 min a mile, which is about 45 seconds faster on my average mile for anything over three miles. I’m looking for distance more than speed. I know speed will come as I get better. JUST RUN!!!  JUST RUN!!!  Will post my weight soon. But my pants are loose now, and I moved up a notch on my belt. 😉

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