Favorite apps of 2014

As the year rolls around to a close I’m ending it with an android phone in my pocket hand. These days I’ve become open to the experience of not sticking with just one platform. My digital roots are still planted in the Microsoft garden and with all the MSN apps recently released its easier than ever, now I just need Cortana (fingers crossed). I use all or most of Microsoft’s apps on my HTC One M8.

So what apps am I using?

For messaging
Android lollipop brought a gorgeous native messaging app, shortly after hangouts was update to switch between Google voice and carrier texting and I came back to hangouts. Hangouts is easy to use.


FB messenger and Snapchat
These two are obvious. I’d like to use Skype but I’ve always lived near family so it wasn’t necessary, though I did move in the last 3 months so I’m starting to use that.

Apps for moving

Runkeeper, Nike Running, Adidas micoach, and I’m dying to try the MSN health and fitness app since that and micoach are the only ones that are available on all 3 of my favorite OSes.  I want Google fit to work good so badly too.


Music and more
Android does not have a native podcast app. So I use BeyondPod to follow podcasts. You’ll get a week trial for the pro version, well worth the money. For music I use Songza and Google play music.


Other apps
For twitter I like Fenix it has lots of customizing options and is worth the price.


Pocket is still solid for a read it later app. And I like that I can access my Outlook email in the gmail app.

Honorable mentions

Bing, Google+ and Google opinion rewards.

Bing and Google rewards both give me rewards for different reasons and actions. With bing I earn Starbucks money and with Google opinion I earn money for anything in the play store.

There you have it a rundown of my favorite sous in my phone.


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