The 30 year plan continues. 

People say that it’s never too late to go to school.  I am taking my last class this summer for my associates in computer technology. And I will continue for my bachelors. I want a masters and will shoot for a PhD. But right now I want an IT job. I want to fix computers, install computers and work on the printers and do all the behind the scenes work while you make money for the company. I have been applying to jobs without so much a lead. I’ll take anything. I’ll do anything for almost as little money as necessary just to get some experience. Heck I’d even do it for free as an internship for the right company. I just want that chance to prove I can do something. I live on the east of Phoenix, in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa area. But I’ll work wherever I need to. As long as I get that experience. What happened to the entry level jobs? They all want 5 years of experience, and so much demands of knowledge. I just need a chance. I feel like I need to apply in person, but all the postings are online. 


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